Core Combative Behaviour and Performance Course Report - Australia
A write-up of the australia training.
by Neil Phillips

Conflict invokes reactions from individuals, groups and countries. The initial reactions to conflict ultimately determine the survival of those involved. Since the beginning of mankind individual and group systems have developed to deal with conflict.

Military and martial personnel attended a two day integrated combative system course conducted in Australia by instructors Hunter Armstrong [Chip] and Hunter C.S. Armstrong. The course covered both theory and practical exercises associated with combative behaviour and performance. The particular focus was on combative human behaviour and basic principles to be applied in dealing with empty-hand and weapons attacks.

The theory sessions commenced with a broad overview of the development of combative capabilities of both individual and group behaviour over thousands of years. The link between the evolution of mans combative behaviour and the development of functional movement focused the group on practical training principles. The tutorial on posture and the linkage of the legs/hips as transport and the torso as a weapons carrying and shock transmission mechanism was particularly beneficial in understanding human behaviour and performance.

Practical instruction involved applying the principles associated with dealing with a variety of different weapon attacks. Attendees focused on approaching, closing and entry strategies to be applied when dealing with the attacker. As attendees gained a better understanding of combat principles they were introduced to the logic of the weapon.

Towards the end of the course there was an increased awareness of targeting, timing and distance. Understanding and having the right mindset was emphasized as critical to survival in conflict.

Overall the course was rated highly both for the factual base material presented and principle based drills contacting both the logic and biomechanics of human behaviour.

Attendees included: Maj. Travis Faure, Neil Phillips, Dan Vickers, Zoltan Bacskai, Rob Preston, Liam Keeley, Matt Nolan, Justin Pringle, Michael Griffiths among others.

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