"It is my belief that a contracted creative process is best responsive when the dynamics of personalities, conditions, and vagaries of life are taken into close consideration. This being said, the following is a basic structure that I use for the commission procedure, which may alter in accordance to the specific client."
1. The first step is to establish parameters for the creation of the artwork. For example, this may entail discussion about the visual characterisitcs desired, the emotional or spiritual content to be embodied, the scale of artwork or the space in which it is to be placed, and other pertinent details.
2. When the design parameters are complete, I will determine the scope of the project and a design fee will be established and required. This design fee is non-refundable and will cover the time and effort involved with producing an accurate visual presentation (scale drawings, if possible) and specifications describing the final project. A certain degree of Artistic License must be allowed that may deviate slightly from this initial design proposal.
3. Along with the design proposal will be a commission contract which will state the price of the finished artwork, completion schedule and conditions for crating, delivery, and installation.
5. When the design proposal receives final approval, I will require a 50% down payment to start the work, 25% at the completion of the work, and the final 25% prior to delivery.


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Bamboo, Koa Wood, Copper, Brass ~ H 13" W 54" D 14"

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